Saturday, March 19, 2011

VAB "Indonesian U.N. peacekeepers " 1:35

The Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé or VAB ("Armoured Vanguard Vehicle" in French) is an armoured personnel carrier and support vehicle designed by the Euro Mobilité Division of GIAT Industries of France. It entered service in 1976; around 5000 were produced.

The VAB was designed as a wheeled troop transporter, complementing the tracked AMX-10P. Specifications for the project called for an NBC-proof, amphibious,[4] lightly armoured vehicle to provide infantry with basic protection against shrapnel and light infantry weapons. These features were dictated by its possible usage in the event of an all-out conventional war breaking out against the Warsaw Pact; in particular, the amphibious capabilities were needed to bridge the rivers in Eastern France and in Germany.[5]

Companies Panhard and Saviem/Renault answered the requirement, and the Renault prototype was selected in May 1974,[6] with 4000 units ordered. The first delivery occurred in 1976, and production continued at a rate of 30 to 40 units a month.[3]

A double armoured door at the rear allows access to the passenger compartment. Two inwards-looking, foldable benches provide space for 5 soldiers each. The crew enters the forwards compartment through two lateral hatches, the driver on the left, and the gunner of the right; two more hatches in the roof give access to armament and provide for emergency exit. The front windows are bullet-proof and heated, and can be further sheltered from incomming fire by armoured pannels which can be either entirely shut, or leave a small slit for observation; the windows on the side and rear doors are covered by a similar system.

The engine is located behind the driver, while the right side of the vehicle is kept free, providing a passageway between the crew and passager compartments.source3d modelling

here some final test built, enjoy guys

download here


  1. all your model are wonderfull (but sometime very difficult ;)
    You know what, if you can, it will be cool to do a german pak40 (1/35), I believe it don't exist.

  2. haha maybe I can adjust some form, about the pak40 I take a look later, thanks for stopin

  3. I'm looking forward to this. Even though your models are great for sitting on a shelf, they are a bit large and delicate for wargaming.

    Have you considered offering models for use in war games?

  4. you can email me ( for more discussion about the wargaming project, I'm very excited ^^

  5. Your models are quite nice...I enjoy all of them...Quite good results...

    So you plan a release of your UN vehicle? I've looked high and low for good version to build and, no doubt, yours will be excellent...

    Many thanks for your models,

    Wayne From Missouri (USA)

  6. @wayne
    the VAB still testbuild phase bro, hope gonna fix ASAP.many thanks for your welcome..have fun here

  7. cool models! i am one of your model fans... i am an rc heli enthusiast, i may say i am a beginer, hehe... if you may, make a kamov 58 russian stealth heli paper model? if so, i will be very happy to incorporate it to a micro coaxial rc heli that i am working on. volitation is the brand of the micro coaxial heli. many thanks for your models, and regards...

  8. To; anonymous. Yes, These models are very useful for modern and near-future wargames. And because the file can be resized to whatever scale you're using, then printed off and built as needed there's no cost issue with producing them for a single scenario. (If you're interested, my first use of these models was the UN VAB model as 'mobile scenery' in a near-future hostage scenario using GZG's 'Stargrunt' rules.)

    If you're having trouble with durability, use a heavier grade of paper, or use a(resized to scale)Printout as the master for plasticard components, then scratchbuild away. This will also alow you to add three-dimentional surface details like hatches and the like. The result can then be painted like any other plastic model (I plan to produce a set of the MNU apc's in 1/60th (28mm) this way)

    Anyway, thanks for the plans Tekzo. Clear skies and tailwinds.

  9. Banu, saya mau downloadnya bisa didownload yang panser VAB