Monday, December 5, 2011

The Douglas Model 1186-C Long Range Special Attack Aircraft 1:72

This study was one of four submitted by Douglas Santa Monica to the US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics in 1948 to fulfill the requirements of Outline Specification 115, which called for a carrier borne attack aircraft capable of extreme performance. The vehicle had to carry a 10,000 bomb load; could not weight more than 100,000 lbs; had to fly at a 40,000 ft altitude; had to cruise out at not less than Mach 1.2; and achieve a 1,700 nm combat radius. These were extremely ambitious requirements, given the state of the art in 1948. BuAer envisioned the aircraft as a composite type capable of jettisoning, during the course of its flight, such parts of the vehicle that were not required for completion of its mission. This remarkable aircraft would have operated from The USS United States, an immense 65,000-ton supercarrier that would have been the core of the Navy’s nascent strategic nuclear bombardment capability had it not been cancelled in 1949 due to budgetary and political issues. The Douglas Model 1186-C featured an escape vehicle not unlike the X-3 Stiletto mounted on top of a huge expendable missile component. This particular design was humorously referred to as the “Flash Gordon Special” on an early blueprint of the configuration, as it certainly looked like a product of Alex Raymond’s fertile imagination. To read more about the Douglas Model 1186-C and the many other remarkable competing aircraft designs, please consult my book, Secret Aerospace Projects of the U.S. Navy: The Incredible Attack Aircraft of the USS United States, 1948-1949.

the aircarft based on the book cover, by Jared A. Zichek first saw on, posted by. billy.leliveld had some difficult part to find the 3view out there, but thanks a ton to oom Billy for send me the copy of the book..well this one special for you   :beer


main body assembly
add inner frame (2-3mm hardpaper)

pod assembly
host wing and rudder
inner frame fo host  wings assembly
 fit out
 host engine and stiletto main body assembly
 stiletto assembly

final testbuild



download here


  1. Is this available for download? I can't find the link

  2. Amazing job! Thanks so much. I'll try this one definitely next year.

  3. omg that's sick, you're awesome with 3d designing, you're better with crafting!

  4. Hi Tekzo! I am working on this one now, it's a great model! It has a good fit, almost perfect. The wings are a little too pointy at the curve of the leading edge where it meets the fuselage, when they are rounder they'll fit better to the fuselage. I also did not use the glue tabs around the "tower structure" but just glued the tower to the body with some glue on the insides of the lower part of the tower.
    I also am using metallic paper here and there. I'll publish the results soon on my own blog. Thanks for sharing this model!

  5. Hi Tekzo! Great model you did, I have built it now. Here it is on my website. Thanks for sharing this. I loved the build. It was very straight forward. There are some little things I did to it, like a recolouring and a new nationality. The grey colour of the X-3's belly is not entirely correct, the cockpit parts start of way too narrow compared with the nose cone.
    I personally think the X-3 still had two engines but I do like the big single exhaust pipe a lot. And the tower of the missile had air intakes on the front but that might have been hard to design in this model.
    Again, thanks for the model and take a look at my site to see what I have made of it.
    Paper Kosmonaut

  6. @Paper Kosmonaut
    thanks for your wonderfull model..and all those fantastic works
    cheers up