Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yokosuka K5Y1 "Churen" 1:48

Indonesian Air Force was born with the formation of the People's Security Agency (BKR) on the date August 23, 1945, in order to strengthen the Air Fleet which was short of aircraft and other facilities. on October 5, 1945 changed to the People's Security Army (TKR) board of flights under the Air Commodore Soerjadarma Soerjadi.

On January 23, 1946 TKR increased again, to TRI, as a continuation of the development of the Air Force shoots. On April 9, 1946, TRI aviation department was abolished and replaced with the Indonesian Air Force, which is now commemorated as the day of birth of the Air Force that was established simultaneously with the establishment of the Indonesian National Army (TNI).

On July 29, 1947 Air Force pilots three cadets each Mulyono Cadets, Cadets and Cadet Sutarjo Suharnoko Harbani Sigit using two aircraft and one Guntei Cureng successful bombing against Dutch fortifications in three places, respectively in the city of Semarang, Salatiga, and Ambarawa.

The initial capital is Air Force planes from the spoil of the Japanese army such as the type of Churen, Nishikoren, and Hayabusha. These planes, which is the forerunner to the establishment of the Air Force.

this model very special for me, it was the pioneer of our air force history.The most exciting of all the models, only took couple days to design and testbuild , also as birthday present for Indonesian Independence day.

3d modelling



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  1. beautiful! thank you.

  2. MERDEKA!!!
    buat model 3D pake apa? 3DSMax ya? sulit ga sih?
    terus, convert dari model 3D ke model 2D pake apa? pepakura ya?
    itu pesawat aslinya liat di museum mana?
    tx, andrie

  3. @andrie
    gw pake 3dsmax 7, sulit.. ga sih udah kebiasaan hehe..convert pake autocad n pepakura, nti dirapihin lagi di sotosop.tuh poto dari museum dirgantara, tapi gw ga tau neh yg asli apa replikanya

  4. Nice work !! Very unusual model !!

  5. THANK YOUUU this is goin to be a great one to build wooot yaaaa

  6. Izin buat dijadiin model reference ya men..
    Tengkyuu gan..