Saturday, September 10, 2011

HYDRA SUBMARINE 1:35 -captain america the movie

ok guys this time from the latest movie, Captain America: The First Avenger! , just found some cool sub (HYDRA) the antagonist side.well can't find the 3view and any others information, just try to figure out by scale up using autocad and re-adjustment on man size (pic 4).and jump into 3d


main body assembly
 cockpit assembly

 tail assembly
 joint the cokpit and body

canopy assembly
 engine assembly
joint the engine and main body

download here


  1. Benar2 mantap, Tekzo! Kemaren baru nonton Captain America, udah ada update baru di blog, postingan tentang pesawat siluman (Red Skull) ama submarine ini. Wow! Terus berkarya, Gan! Salam dari fans mania ""


  2. @infocus
    haha tks gan, bsk ane kirim cendol segerobak dah..hehe

    @Jonathan Leslie
    Thanks Jonathan, your models stunning me :d

  3. excellent web site with lots of models!! thanks for offering them to others to build!

    perhaps you have answered this elsewhere... what type of paper do you use to print? and i am assuming you use a regular inkjet printer...???

    thanks again!!

  4. @Mr. Hogan
    thanks friend, usually I used briefcard paper about 160 gsm and refill inkjet

  5. This is just great, Im cut a glue a version 1:48. Thanks