AMX -002 NEUE ZIEL 'Azrael 6th' 1:300 scale papermodel

 The AMX-002 (AMA-X2) Neue Ziel (ノイエ·ジール Noie Jiiru?) is a space-use prototype mobile armor featured in the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. It was piloted by the "Nightmare of Solomon" Anavel Gato.


this is my customized version, adjust some of part for easier unfolding

3d modeling


skirt jetpack 

side shield

upper body

lower body

                                                 Main Arms & Wired Claw Arms and sub-arms

shoulder armor

head and front-lower armor

body rocket thrusters
ready for pre shading

pre shading result

 plan to make alternate base from destroyed dendrobium, let see 

fit out

NB:Dendrobium diorama base not included


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