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Specifications Edit
Factory Designation: Airborne Reconnaissance Labor Type 99
Codename/Nickname: Helldiver
Operational Units: Unknown, At least one JGSDF Company (8+ machines) seen in Patlabor 2
Manufacturer: Shinohara Heavy Industries, Hachioji Factory
Rollout Date: October 1999 A.D.
Operating Organization: Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force Airborne Labor Battalion
Height: 7.95 Meters
Width: 4.55 Meters
Base Operating Weight: 5.75 Metric Tons
Operating Weight with optional equipment: 6.81 Metric Tons
Armor: FRP with Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Skeleton.
Maximum Lifting Capacity: 3.10 Metric Tons
Minimum Revolving Radius: 3.90 Meters
Normal Armaments:
Combat Knife x1
40 Millimeter Rapid-Fire Machine Gun x1
Optional Equipment:
Parachute Backpack x1
LLLTV night vision equipment
Smoke Discharger x8
TOW Anti-Tank Missile Launcher x1
Note: One TV Series episode suggested that the Helldiver has the option to fire a weapon on an occasion when the 40mm cannon was clearly not equipped. It is unclear if this is a scripting error or intentionally refers to the capacity for a internally-stored firearm.

3D modelling 

final 3d
export to .dxf

export into carrier frame for fit out

testbuild 6 pages

head assembly

waist assembly

body assembly

40 Millimeter Rapid-Fire Machine Gun 

foot assembly

waist assembly
jacket joint assembly

before and after weathering 

download here


  1. agan itu ente pake bahan kertas apa ya? ane tertarik nih untuk menocba bikin papercraft dari game front mission