Monday, September 7, 2009

PT -76 1/35

The PT-76 is a Soviet light amphibious tank which was introduced in the early 1950s and soon became the standard reconnaissance tank of the Soviet and the other Warsaw Pact armies. It was widely exported to other friendly states, like India, Iraq, North Korea and North Vietnam. Overall, some 25 countries used the PT-76. The tank's full name is Floating Tank–76 (Russian: Плавающий Танк, Plavayushchiy Tank, or ПТ-76). 76 stands for the caliber of the main armament: the 76.2 mm D-56T series rifled tank gun. The PT-76 is used in the reconnaissance and fire-support roles. Its chassis served as the basis for a number of other vehicle designs, many of them amphibious, including the BTR-50 armored personnel carrier, the ZSU-23-4 self-propelled antiaircraft gun, the ASU-85 airborne self-propelled gun and the 2K12 Kub anti-aircraft missile launch vehicle.
I'm plan to make two version, Indonesian Marine Corps download here and Russian Army download here


  1. mantap bos,,,

    ijin copas buat di blog saya tapi link ttp kesini,,


  2. sdh cb download 2 kali tp gbs dibuka kenapa

  3. bisa kok bro, coba disni kalo ga bisa juga kirim email ke

  4. Ijin donlot yah gan
    mau coba2 bikin papercraft

  5. Klo ga salah, yang sekarang PT 76 punya Marinir TNI AL pake meriam yang 90 mm.

    Doddy SG

  6. there is a little bit flaw on part 13... but I managed to fix it by trimming part 1(2-3mm approx. front)
    btw, I'm building the Russian ver. thanks!

  7. nubie... ijin melintas n download