Friday, January 3, 2014

Type 99 Labor Carrier 1:35

Unit type: Police Labor Carrier
Manufacturer: Yotsubishi Heavy Industries
Length: 18.18 metres
Width: 5.45 metres
Weight: 13.52 tons (curb)
Maximum Load: 12.00 tons
Power plant: V16; 12,000cc; Turbo + SC; water cooled
Output: 450PS @1,500 rpm (Hp); 95Kg/m @800 rpm (torque)
Top Speed: 100km/h (empty) / 80Km/h (loaded)
Appearances in anime: Patlabor the movie; TV Series; New OVA Series 


since I can't found the 3view or some detail about the truck, must a lil improvised and combine with real truck anatomy like TATRA, mitsubishi fuso, military truck, etc.

main chasis construction


 so far we got 18 pages, and more to come

25 pages, almost 250 parts
 interior assembly

 fit out with 1/35 figure from ingram 3 plastic model

chassis assembly

cargo frame assembly

2mm cardboard as reinforcement
 back step assembly

wheels assembly
front wheels assembly 

back wheels assembly  

fuel tank and outrigger assembly  
mudflaps and suspension assembly 
must add 2mm hardpaper for reinforcement

front wheels configuration  assembly 

final testbuild


for finished model and download link right here