Thursday, November 19, 2009

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf G 1/35

Twenty-eight Panthers survive in conditions ranging from wrecks to fully restored. Four - held by the Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia, the Musée des Blindés in France, the Deutsches Panzermuseum in Munster and the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung in Koblenz, Germany - are in running condition. Two more Panthers are being restored to running condition by private collectors in England (Kevin Wheatcroft) and the United States (the late Jacques Littlefield). Kevin Wheatcroft will also restore the two other Panther tanks that he owns to running condition.[citation needed] A unique Panther Ausf. D (the only known complete survivor) is displayed in the Wilhelmina park in Breda, The Netherlands. This tank was donated by the Polish 1st Armored Division after liberating Breda. It was restored in 2004-2005 for static display by Kevin Wheatcroft in exchange for automotive components.The restored Panther ausf A on display at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.The Panther on display at Panzermuseum Thun, Switzerland is advertised as an Ausf. D/G hybrid, with a D hull and G turret. There are many questions surrounding this vehicle. The turret has a replacement sheet metal mantlet, vaguely resembling a late Ausf. G mantlet, with no ports for gunners sight or coaxial MG. The pistol port on the turret rear indicates an Ausf. A or early Ausf G. The hull with the "letterbox" MG slot indicates an Ausf. D or early Ausf. A. The turret and hull numbers could help identify the correct model designation for the hybrid but neither of the numbers have been made public. In January 2008 a partially restored Panther Ausf. A was put on display in the Lebreton gallery at the Canadian War Museum. The Panther had been donated to the museum from CFB Borden, which acquired it following V-E celebrations in May 1945. It had spent two years in restoration prior to being put on public display. A Panther Ausf. G can be found in the village of Houffalize in the Ardennes region of Belgium. It fell into the river during the Battle of the Bulge and was later retrieved as a memorial. Two Panthers, an Ausf. A and Ausf. G, sit side by side in a field at the US Army Ordnance
these project was started about two month ago, but suddenly delayed because all my job at the office and the preparation of PERI show (workshop and exhibition), but I convince to finished these diorama. The background was late World War 2, battle of Bulge, Belgium when NAZI army take the last offencive to allied troops.The pattern download here, for SB version download here more picutres

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


SUKHOI PAK FA is the latest project of Russian Air Force.The model based on artist impression by Aleksander Dultsev,scratchbuild and improvisation design.
3D progress

download here, sb version here