Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mbombe 1:35

The Mbombe is a mine-protected, high-mobility, armoured fighting vehicle that is produced by Paramount Group in South Africa
The vehicle was unveiled on 20 September 2010 at the African Aerospace & Defence Exhibition, the largest aviation and defence show in Africa, held in Cape Town. Mbombe is named after a famed African warrior
Vehicle specs
Mbombe has an unladen weight of 16,000 kg and a maximum combat weight of 27,000 kg, carrying a crew of 11. The Mbombe’s six speed automatic gearbox provides a maximum speed of 100 km/h and the vehicle has a 700 km range. Using a 6x6 configuration, the Mbombe is able to carry considerable loads over all types of terrain without loss of mobility.
The vehicles three axles provide excellent cross country performance and make it an exceptionally versatile platform that can be modified to meet the exact requirements of military operations around the world.
The Mbombe is equipped with a Cummins ISBe4 diesel: 300kw engine integrated with an Allison 6 speed automatic transmission. The engine parts are used around the world, allowing the Mbombe to be repaired and serviced in most countries without having to invest in an independent logistics system.
The Mbombe hull provides excellent stopping power against ballistic attack in excess of STANAG 4569 Level 4. This means the vehicle can withstand a 10 kg TNT blast under its hull or any wheel station. As standard the Mbombe offers all-round crew protection against RPG threats while special protection modules provide protection against IE
Ds, up to 50 kg TNT at 5 metres.
The vehicle can be equipped with a heavy machine gun or autocannon. Mbombe can also be fitted with day and night vision capability and sensors to extend the ranges of observation and engagement, dependent on the customer’s requirements.
Mbombe can be configured as an Armoured Personnel Carrier, Combat Vehicle, Command Vehicle or ambulance. The Mbombe can be fitted with a variety of weapons stations, including a 30mm overhead weapons station.

3D progress




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  1. Cool APC, I hope you will release it soon.

    Here's a sugestion for your next APC, haven't seen any model of it yet.

    The Pandur II 8x8

  2. pandur is one of my favorite APC after stryker...ok I think about it...

  3. okay man this have got to be cool

    do u know that my country has this APC

    cool waiting for it to be done

    ultra stone

  4. @ultra stone
    really man? wowww..

  5. First i would just like to say that this, like all of your models, is awesome.

    I know you do the modeling in 3ds max and autocad, but do you use a software to convert the 3d models into a pattern and if so what software do you use.

    i posted a comment a couple hours ago but it didn't show up so if it just took a little while to register it and this is a second one saying pretty much the same thing then oops sorry at least now ill know for future reference

  6. I congratulate you on your excellent work, it is a complicated but interesting model. I like his design.
    It has a very long axes distance to be one 6x6 I do not believe that it is more effective than a Striker...
    You do a big work

  7. @SuperBobKing
    well mostly I used Autocad to unfold from 3d into 2d, jsut using my modular logic, n main concept of 3dimentional form but when I face with unusual shape I used pepakura, but still must to fix and adjustment
    thanks for visiting

    @jhonn moore
    I think they're have a different concept , stryker it's on my list...need more mood lol

  8. Thanks. i downloaded the trial version of pepakura today and minus a few things i need to figure out how to do its working pretty well. i should have some of my own models in no time. (Especially considering that i have quite a few digital models already that i have made in class when i should have been working.

  9. Dear Tekzo
    I only just stumbled onto your site, and wow. I am very impressed, you sir, are good!
    I was wondering, is this a hobby for you, or are these commissions?

  10. @Gerrit de Swardt
    it's just a hobby my friend and all free