Sunday, June 17, 2012

SHINKAI 6500 1:35

SHINKAI 6500 is a manned submersible that can dive up to the depth of 6,500m, outperforming other manned research vehicle all over the world today. In 1990, SHINKAI 6500 began the mission to study topography and geology of the seafloor as well as organisms in the deep sea at Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean in addition to Japan Sea., and exceeded the 1000th dive in 2007.
Ascertain Movements within the Earth's Interior
Investigate movements within the Earth's interior, such as large earthquakes, plate subduction, and mantle plume activity, and clarify the way in which the Earth was formed.
Clarify the Evolution of Living Organisms
Investigations of the previously unexplored deep sea have so far revealed a wide range of extremely unique biological communities and chemosynthetic ecosystems. Chemosynthetic ecosystems are ecosystems that have virtually no dependence on the Sun's energy in which chemosynthetic bacteria produce organic materials using substances such as hydrogen sulfide and methane in seawater expelled from the interior part of the Earth as their energy source. It is hoped that studying these deep-sea ecosystems will help to clarify the origins and evolutionary processes of living organisms.
Utilization and Conservation of Deep-Sea Organisms
In order to solve future issues faced by the human, such as global food issues, research into the sustainable use of deep-sea biological resources and the gene resources of deep-sea organisms, which feature a diverse range of physiologies, is required.
Resolve Thermal and Material Cycles
The history of global environmental changes, including climatic variations and the intensification and attenuation of tidal currents, is recorded in the various types of sediment found on the seafloor. SHINKAI 6500 will be used to collect samples of such sediments for analysis.
Heat and materials expelled as a result of hydrothermal activity on the seafloor have had a definite impact on the global environment. Understanding hydrothermal systems in the deep sea will lead to further understanding of global environmental changes.

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  1. where I can download this model???

    1. After the last pic is shown. you also need an archiver program (I recommend 7-zip) to un-zip the .rar file.

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  4. nice job

    I'm a RC modeller and I project to make a shinkai model.
    is it possible to get the 3D model to help me to make my model ?