Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok guys just wanna tell you, I found out that one of my model had been hijack or sell without permission from me, as you all know that all it's for free download...and the worse part is, he/she erase my watermark (free tag) big LOL, I think his/she is very good using photoshop...hahahahaha .PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM and tell's the link

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The first Bionix 25 production vehicles were completed in September 1997 and, under the phase 1 production contract awarded to STA, production will continue until 2001. While no details of the quantity have been released, it is understood that the order is for at least 300 vehicles and is valued at around US$596.5 million.
Two main variants of the Bionix infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) are in production and service with the armed forces - the Bionix 25 and Bionix 40/50.The former fitted with a two person turret, armed with the combat proven Boeing 25mm M242 Chain Gun; the 40/50 has a latest version of the CIS 40/50 Cupola station, which has been built in large numbers for the M113 upgrade.
The layout of the Bionix is conventional with the driver at the front left, the power pack situated at the front right and the turret in the center with the troop compartment at the rear. The driver enters via a roof hatch that opens to the left rear. When driving closed-down, observation is via three day periscopes, while the center periscope can be rapidly replaced by an image-intensification periscope for driving at night. The driver guides the vehicle using a small steering wheel rather than tillers and, as an automatic transmission is fitted, there are just two pedals - accelerator and brake. The instrument panel is mounted on the left, with the transmission selection box on the right.SOURCE

3d modelling

3d is almost complete
it's unfolding time
main hull assembly
seat assembly
add some detail
wheel assembly

download here

Saturday, March 19, 2011

VAB "Indonesian U.N. peacekeepers " 1:35

The Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé or VAB ("Armoured Vanguard Vehicle" in French) is an armoured personnel carrier and support vehicle designed by the Euro Mobilité Division of GIAT Industries of France. It entered service in 1976; around 5000 were produced.

The VAB was designed as a wheeled troop transporter, complementing the tracked AMX-10P. Specifications for the project called for an NBC-proof, amphibious,[4] lightly armoured vehicle to provide infantry with basic protection against shrapnel and light infantry weapons. These features were dictated by its possible usage in the event of an all-out conventional war breaking out against the Warsaw Pact; in particular, the amphibious capabilities were needed to bridge the rivers in Eastern France and in Germany.[5]

Companies Panhard and Saviem/Renault answered the requirement, and the Renault prototype was selected in May 1974,[6] with 4000 units ordered. The first delivery occurred in 1976, and production continued at a rate of 30 to 40 units a month.[3]

A double armoured door at the rear allows access to the passenger compartment. Two inwards-looking, foldable benches provide space for 5 soldiers each. The crew enters the forwards compartment through two lateral hatches, the driver on the left, and the gunner of the right; two more hatches in the roof give access to armament and provide for emergency exit. The front windows are bullet-proof and heated, and can be further sheltered from incomming fire by armoured pannels which can be either entirely shut, or leave a small slit for observation; the windows on the side and rear doors are covered by a similar system.

The engine is located behind the driver, while the right side of the vehicle is kept free, providing a passageway between the crew and passager compartments.source3d modelling

here some final test built, enjoy guys

download here