Thursday, March 24, 2011


The first Bionix 25 production vehicles were completed in September 1997 and, under the phase 1 production contract awarded to STA, production will continue until 2001. While no details of the quantity have been released, it is understood that the order is for at least 300 vehicles and is valued at around US$596.5 million.
Two main variants of the Bionix infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) are in production and service with the armed forces - the Bionix 25 and Bionix 40/50.The former fitted with a two person turret, armed with the combat proven Boeing 25mm M242 Chain Gun; the 40/50 has a latest version of the CIS 40/50 Cupola station, which has been built in large numbers for the M113 upgrade.
The layout of the Bionix is conventional with the driver at the front left, the power pack situated at the front right and the turret in the center with the troop compartment at the rear. The driver enters via a roof hatch that opens to the left rear. When driving closed-down, observation is via three day periscopes, while the center periscope can be rapidly replaced by an image-intensification periscope for driving at night. The driver guides the vehicle using a small steering wheel rather than tillers and, as an automatic transmission is fitted, there are just two pedals - accelerator and brake. The instrument panel is mounted on the left, with the transmission selection box on the right.SOURCE

3d modelling

3d is almost complete
it's unfolding time
main hull assembly
seat assembly
add some detail
wheel assembly

download here


  1. Excellent model. Looks durable enough to use in wargaming. I'll be needing to do this printed off at 70% to get to 1/50 scale. Do you think it will be too difficult to build at the reduced size?

  2. Nice model, I like the details of the open doors and the movement of the torret.
    I have a couple of tanks made of paper, an M2A2 and a Merkava MkII, I added them details using other materials to make them see more realistic.
    Right now I´m a little bussy, but in a few months I would like to give it a try to your models and perhaps add some improvements in the ways of details with other materials.
    If you like to see my tanks send me a e-mail to so I can send you the pictures.

  3. wow 1:50 it's kinda small dude, I'm afraid that you will meet some trouble especially dealing with flap n round part..but you can give a shot...good luck

    thanks for the comments amigos, you can send your model to

  4. Hi tekzo, I love your site! I usually do plastic models, but I'm going to give this one a shot.

    Does 1:35 work out to printing it on A4? If not, I'll have to nose around for a bigger printer. Thanks, dude!

  5. all model pattern set on A4 format dude, enjoy..

  6. how to make the wheel set back 3mm??? its kind hard and difficult... could you tell me how??

  7. @eka
    if you see the A2 part, there's a 2mm overlap a long the side, fold inside and insert A1 from behind then closed with another A1

  8. Similar al tanque argentino VCTP TAM, hare mis modificaciones y lo transformare en un VCTP TAM. Gracias por el aporte

  9. Hi, How can I purchase the paper model for Bionex?

  10. How can I purchase the Bionex?

  11. I managed to download the file but unable to open via rar.file. Possible to email to me at

  12. I was a BX commander. MR sometime back. Kinda miss my BX ;)
    Thks for this. Not good with my hands.. but can't seemed to find any BX toy model.

  13. Excellent model!

    Trying to download without success - any chance of an emailed .pdf?