Sunday, September 20, 2015


Ian McQue always inspiring me to make unusual model, some years ago I already made the flying boat "the cupank"concept but with pattern to share.Well since I'm not doing this hobby lately and my printer going nuts ,I try to design and build with scracthbuild most from hard paper 3mm and plan add some figure from clay.

main hull


front canopy


detail one

ready to give some colors
prime with spray can 

 second layer with water base paint

 weathering effect,  little rust here and there

1/35 from DAS clay, adjust with 1/35 dragon figure
 well, need more extra handle for 1/35 scale, I suggest you use epoclay or other soft surface clay
put in the oven, set for 150-200 celcius and 15-20 minutes, wait till really dry   paint with water base color
 the gear and accessories 

Finished model right here