Saturday, May 15, 2010

BV-38 Flying Wing 1:72

andy: "They're gonna fly it out of here. When that ark gets loaded we'll already be on that plane."

So begins one of the most harrowing fight sequences in cinematic history as Indy goes fist-to-fist with nazis while dodging the spinning propellers of an out-of-control flying wing and we are introduced to one of the most unique contrivances devised for the screen, the nazi flying wing.

The fictional flying wing prototype was designed by concept artist Ron Cobb who is listed as one of the production artists (although in the bonus material disc of the Indiana Jones box set, the design of the wing was attributed to Raiders of the Lost Ark Production Designer, Norman Reynolds). The inspiration for the wing was not from the many advanced tailess designs of the nazi plane designers like the Horton bros. but by an american flying wing prototype from the 1940s (although it was never mentioned, but I'm guessing the specific inspiration may have been one of Jack Northrop's early flying wing designs). The full-sized model was built by the Vickers Aircraft Company and shipped in pieces to the set in Tunisia where it was assembled on set. Although the action was all between Indy and the big nazi goon, the centerpiece of the sequence was the flying wing!

yup serious guys I fellin' love with this airplane since I watched the movie, after a long delay I finally decide to make one, just got the 3view from

3d progress

testbuildwing asemblyengine assemblymisc partcanopy assembly

instructionfinally, lil bit rough on glue...yeah...

use only three propeller on each engine, look at the real aircraft bad..

cross insignia download here

swastika insignia download here


  1. WOW man there is too many cool models here i won't be able to choose

    but hopefully u'll make them all

  2. It's looking really good!

    This aircraft is a pastiche of many WWII era flying wing prototypes, Horten V (, Heinkel bombers, and B&V jets with their droopy wings and outboard winglets. It has clear similarities to the Northrop N9, as you note.

  3. @delta x
    just wish me luck my time for sleep is cut...

    yup got it friend, thanks for the info

  4. Very good! I always loved that particular scene and that plane.

  5. Very way cool! always loved this plane, even though it never existed!! along with the German 6x6 truck in the movie, would love to see a model of that too. Again Awsome job!! can wait for it to be done.
    Regards, Jeff

  6. @jeff
    thanks for your support friend

  7. Really nice development, well done!

  8. Your work is outstanding sir! I looked at your blog comments. You mention using AutoCAD and 3dsMax. Would it be possible to see a simple tutorial on how you create these very nice models?


  9. @dude under nick
    ok thanks, I will set it up

  10. Hi,
    great work!
    Is there any chance to download it?

  11. just click the download "here" under the pictures

  12. mantab! gue juga dulu waktu smp sering melototin paper craft pesawat di majalah angkasa, keep it rolling bro!

  13. @saltnpaper
    hehe tks bro..iya tuh virus tapi skg garing, artikel origami papermodel dah ga ada..gabung di PERI juga bro, biar kalo ada acara kita bisa kumpul2...heheeh

  14. Where the link for the main model? The two links that are viewable and active only download the variants of the tail decoration. There is no link for the remainder of the aircraft.

  15. the link it's ok, and like I said it's only variant of the rudder insignia

  16. Excelente modelo, muchas gracias...saludos desde México.

    The Walkyria Station Guadalajara MX.

  17. Nice model. However I don't find, anywhere in the article, a link to download the templates for the model. Why not?

  18. @tom.saine
    scroll down at the end of last photo, you can find link to download