Monday, January 2, 2012

AVIA B 71 1:48

WWII German Luftwaffe Bomber
The SB (Skorostnoy Bombardirovschik – High-speed Bomber) was one of the world’s first twin-engined bombers with smooth metal plating and retractable chassis. SB (ANT-40) has constructed in the A. N. Tupolev design bureau under the supervision of A.A. Archangelsky. It made its maiden flight in October 7, 1934.

M-100 engines powered first serial aircraft. They took part in Spanish Civil War (nicknamed “Katiushka” by Republicans and “Martin Bomber” by Nationalists).

Since 1937 it were produced SB with M-100A engines and three-blade propellers. These aircraft became the basis of Soviet bomber aviation. SB took part in many armed conflicts in late 30s and in the initial stage of the Soviet-German War.

In 1938 began license building of SB 2M-100 in Czechoslovakia as Avia B-71. These aircraft later served in Bulgarian Air Force and German Luftwaffe.


3d modelling
fuselage and interior assembly
body and rudder assembly

 bomb bay assembly
 inner frame assembly
 wings assembly
 rudder and elevator assembly
 engine assembly

 landing gear assembly

final testbuild


download here


  1. First picture is a Dutch one.

  2. Nope, that's the czech roundel on the first pic.

    Nice model!

  3. The aircraft in the 1st picture is not a Dutch one.
    The orange center is missing.
    And in 1939-40 the National marking was an orange triangle. To make sure that the planes of the RNAF were not confused with the RAF
    The RNAF never had this type of aircraft in service.
    It is an aircraft of the Czechoslovakian airforce.

  4. Wrong! First picture is a Czech one. Dutch planes used to have an orange, black outlined triangle. Later they had a roundel with red, white and blue and in the middle a small orange circle. On a czech plane the blue part of the roundel is always up front and on the wings the white part is on the outside.

  5. dead link..please re-upload..thanks in advance

  6. thank you very much, it's a plane that i intend to build... Thanks for sharing your work!

  7. Tankyou so much for share your work =D

  8. shouldn't there be a Soviet version?

  9. Very Beautiful plane friend.Congrats for your hard work.It's Awsome :)

  10. I can't wait to see you build the layout for the formidable B-25 or B-17 soon!

  11. Thanks for the luftwaffe model