Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RIP-Yudhi Kistyarto

Have a bad news this morning, one of my best friend Yudhi Kistyarto, a designer, a talented builder,  a paper replica Indonesian member region Makasar just past away from tumors of lymph nodes.the last chat with him was on last December and we're still kiddin around about my latest model.He said he just get back from hospital from therapy and plan to find another hospital in Jakarta for better recovery...but God have a big plan..and  I never said goodbye... 
first PERI makasar region exhibition, he was one man show \m/
@gandaria city games exhibition, a rare chance takin picture with Julius perdana from paper-replika.com

with dude  from PERI, his on right next to julius

 some of his work
 Paperhobby PT-76 1:35 diorama battle scene
  Paperhobby Panzer VIII Maus 1:35

Paperhobby  BV-212 with kettenkraftrad 1:35 diorama
(coming soon)
Paperhobby Daimler Benz Project "C" with Project "E" piloted missiles 
(coming soon) 

Paperhobby XAB-1 Beta-1 Atomic-Powered Bomber (1959) 1:144

till we meet again bro...may your soul rest in peace

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CUPANK Mk.02 1:35 (flying boat concept)

it's a flying boat concept, such as "Mr. Kim's flying restaurant boat" from the movie: fifth element, plan to make the model but less of information and detail.When finally meet Ian Mcque site, one of talented artist impression.Much of his work focus on flying boat concept and future retro design, and one of his  masterpiece had been turn into plastic model,  the "remora" 1:35 which available  for limited :p (industriamechanika.com)

Mr. Kim's flying restaurant boat

well I can't handle my idle hands, just start to skecth and trying to make my own design concept. a single patrol boat after global warming disaster, a junky yard taste with machine gun, harpoon,Anti-gravity engine, and  jet propulsion.

meet the "cupank Mk. 02" 1:35, her mouth is worst than her bite :p
 lame sketch
 3d model
 jet propulsion
 cabin and antena
 elevator and crane

 texture and ready to unfold

main jet engine  assembly

 main hull assembly

 inner frame assembly
 deck assembly

harpoon platform  assembly
harpoon  assembly

crane assembly

 cargo door assembly

 cabin assembly

download here