Saturday, August 8, 2009

USS Carl Vinson 1/800

I was 13th (junior high) years old when I made my first full paper scratchbuild US Aircraft Carrier, it was USS Dwight E. Eisehower (CVN-69). This time it's USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) 1/800 The USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is a United States Navy Nimitz class supercarrier named after Carl Vinson, a Congressman from Georgia. She was commissioned in 1982 and carries F/A-18 Hornets and F/A-18E/F Super Hornets as well as surveillance and other aircraft. Carl Vinson can carry 85 planes and 5,500 personnel. Traditionally, few ships of the United States Navy were named after a person who was alive at the time of the christening, but recently the number has increased; the list includes Carl Vinson, Hyman G. Rickover, Arleigh Burke, John C. Stennis, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, Nitze, Jimmy Carter, and George H. W. Bush.

A member of the United States House of Representatives for fifty years, Carl Vinson was, for twenty-nine years, the Chairman of the House Naval Affairs and Armed Services

The free pattern is under construction.


  1. This looks awesome.
    I can't wait for the pattern.

  2. Great idea!

    But, Why 1/800 and not 1/700 to be compatible with other ship models?

  3. I just follow the Plamo kit standard scale, if you look Tamiya, Hasegawa, or Academy product the US Carrier fit on 1/800 but sometime 1/720, while the Jap WW2 carrier fit on 1/700.Thanks for your advice

  4. oh this is cool. I was on the USS Stennis a few months ago (I took a ton of pictures) and I was looking for a model to go with my collection of stuff. You have everything on this, the jets AND the radar planes. very very cool, also the hudson class is coming out.

  5. @modern furniture
    wow..I'm so envy, on deck are you trying to throw stuff using the catapult? lol. I've seen one...

  6. Bro,

    could you share the litle plane part first?
    i think it alitle bit tricky in those part..


  7. kasih link nya donk???

  8. please be patient my friend, the pattern is underway

  9. where is the free pattern ? I can´t see it

  10. @pusat digital printing
    belon kelar, moodnya belon ada...hehehe

  11. Wich program do you use to design and make the aircraft carrier ? How do you design and make the airplanes and the ship ?

  12. Will this model be available?

  13. will this papermodel be available to the public?

  14. Valeu amigão.
    parabéns pelos excelentes posts.
    muito bom mesmo.
    Sou de itajaí e admiro muito seu trabalho.
    Sou o Mural do Marujo no facebook.
    Tenho um site dedicado aos marujos. Se quiser conhecer. acessa ai:
    Obrigado por postar coisas do meu ramo da marinha.
    Estou aguardando quando esse porta-aviões ficar pronto. Um abraço e parabéns.