Monday, April 13, 2009

Tiger Factory 1/35

I still work on it, this diorama 1/35 tells about German tank factory. It is Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf.E as known as Tiger. During World War II, Tiger had a famous reputation of psychological warfare among allied tank.

I used various kind of papers, such as Linen paper (textured), hard paper 2mm. And I used watercolor paint for finishing touch.


  1. Gilaaaaaaa...keren banget nih bro,seneng yg diorama ya?

    boleh donk bro diajarin buat 3dnya.. :D

  2. dolo, saya pernah di kirimin e-mail sama temen gambar diorama ini, ternyata di sini tho pabriknya, muangtab tenan mas

    salut, salut

  3. thanks, you can the see the launching at Paper-replika stand at Produksi Kreasi 2009, August 7-9 2009 at JACC Jakarta.With some other modeller from kaskus papermodel freak forum,
    matur nuwun dab/rek/cah.

  4. When you do have this diorama finished, I hope you will make it available because I would like to upscale it a bit to fit some of my 1:25 scale German armor. Please let me know if you are close to completion on it or if there is some way we can assist you. All the best to you and wonderful work!