Monday, November 29, 2010

Ammunition Transporter T-1A 1:35

Germany's Munitionsschlepper, SdKfz 111, Munitions-Schlepper; PzKpfw I(A) Munitions-Schlepper, SdKfz 111


The turret and superstructure were removed from PzKpfw I Ausf As. What remained was an open hull that carried the ammunition.

PzKpfw I Ausf As were converted to be ammunition carriers that would resupply the panzers under enemy fire. Armor in front was 15mm and the sides and rear was 13 mm.


  • Munitionsschlepper, SdKfz 111: 51
    • Converted: September 1939, November 1939


Served in Poland and France.

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3d modelling

wheel assembly

panzer ammunition


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

XAB-1 Beta-1 Atomic-Powered Bomber (1959) 1:144

Many thanks to Yudhi Kistyarto for the testbuild, nice work bro

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